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☆ I’m simple, analytical, and way more intellectual than i look like i am. Diamond supply co is my favorite store & I love people. I’m not a big social butterfly until I get to know you and i love making new friends. I try to be nice to everyone i meet and a smile goes a long way with me. I spend way too much time baking and watching Movies. I draw often too, and i’m pretty good. I’m very creative. I use to smoke, and i drink on occasion. I’m not a party animal by any means but it doesn’t mean i’m not a fun person. + Smoking , skaters , abs, skater hair, weed , forever 21 , Victorias Secret , tan , Hair dye , fake nails, summer , swimming , snow cones, animals , sex , sexting , make up , piercings , sweet text messages/ comments
- Bitching , complaining , not giving me a brake , know it alls , school , being sick , watching kids

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♪ I'm tough , ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch , okay . ♪
>>> doing hair
>>> modelling
>>> drawing
>>> shopping
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